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The Suzuki Loom Works was founded by Michio Suzuki in 1909 in the village of Hamamatsu, Japan. The company initially built wiring looms for the Japanese silk industry, and the company's innovative and forward-thinking ethos allowed it to flourish in the design and development of these complex machines.

The company branched out into motor vehicles in the late 30's, with an inspired design for a small car powered by an all-new 4 stroke, 4 cylinder liquid cooled engine. Suzuki's motor vehicle ambitions were put on hold after the outbreak of WW2, and they shifted back to the textile industry which they continued to concentrate on until the early 50's, when they launched the 'Power Free', a small motorised cycle powered by a 36cc two stroke engine.

Throughout the following decades the company continued to produce various exciting and innovative motorcycles and cars, as well as outboard boat engines and various other products. To this day they remain one of the 'big four' Japanese motorcycle manufactures and continue to go from strength to strength.